Ring Leopard Discus Fish 3 inch

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This stunning fish is a must have for any discus collector. The ring leopard discus is a beautiful fish that has been produced by careful crossbreeding of several varieties of cultivated discus. The body of the ring leopard discus is usually a pale tan or gold, but it can be almost white as well. In some varieties of ring leopard discus, the body has a faint turquoise hue. The center of the body of the ring leopard discus is covered in leopard like red spots that form a tight cluster. As you get closer to the fins, the spots disperse and form short lines and striations; rings often form in these areas as well, hence the name “ring leopard”. The dorsal and pectoral fins of the ring leopard discus have red striations on them. The tail fin, unlike the completely opaque, spotless tail fins of many discus, has a pattern of striations that cover up to half of it.

The ring leopard discus has a flat, round body, and it has large fins that extend back almost to the tail fin, contributing to its roundness. A full-grown ring leopard discus will grow to about 8” long, and it is almost as tall as it is long. These beautifully red spotted, rounded fish make a great addition to an aquarium, as their calm yet charming personalities are a pleasure to watch, and they make good tank mates for other non-aggressive fish in your tropical aquarium. This discus is an ideal showcase fish.

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Anne on 25th May 2023

    Thank you for sending such wonderful fish, they ate like pigs and already establishing a pecking order they are very healthy and feisty thank you again for such quality discus I now have fifteen of your discus I will order more and it will be with you.

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    Ring Leopard

    Posted by Carl on 23rd May 2023

    I ordered 2 of these Ring Leopard Discus and received 2 beautiful discus and could not be happier. Love them.

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