Shipping Information



Shipping Costs:

  Mac’s Discus offers Free FedEx Priority Overnight delivery for orders that include five or more small (2 to 3-inch) fish. FedEx Overnight delivery for less than 5 fish and adult’s an additional surcharge will be calculated and added to your total. However, it is allowed to purchase five small fish to qualify for free delivery, then add the larger fish to your cart to qualify the entire order for free delivery. After you have placed your order, you will be contacted by E-mail with a safe-delivery date, or you can leave your preferred delivery day in the comment box when you check out of the online store.

 Orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico will be assessed an additional $50 handling charge which will be added to your order at checkout. Hawaii customers also need to E-mail a HI State Agricultural permit before shipping. 

 Mac’s Discus only delivers to addresses in the U.S. including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Saturday delivery is only available if packages are held for picked up at the local FedEx station located closest to the customer’s physical address, and is only available during the warm spring, summer, and fall months. Customers must get prior approval for Saturday pick up. Fish are measured nose to tip of tail, tolerance + or - 1/4" from list.


 Dead on Arrival:

 Mac’s Discus covers all fish shipped when someone is home to receive the package and bring indoors. Do not leave the package outside, as this can be harmful to the fish. With over 35 years’ experience shipping fish to customers around the world we are 100% certain that shipments received on the scheduled delivery day will arrive alive, unharmed, and eating that same evening. When there is a missed delivery, and shipments are delivered 24 hours late is when dead loss might occur. Either way, once you receive your fish order, follow this acclamation link then follow the instructions for acclimating. After getting the fish into your warm aquarium, turn off the lights to reduce stress. Special note: The fish have been in a dark box and will not be very alert and may be disoriented until they have been in your tank for several hours. Fish that lay on their side is common after overnight shipping; this does not mean they are dead, and they will recover in several hours on their own. If fish do arrive dead or die by evening the same day that the package arrives, let us know by E-mailing a clear picture and send to, when taking the picture, use the shipping container lid as a table and snap a picture of any dead fish on this lid. Mac’s Discus will issue a credit to your credit card, or a replacement will be sent on your next order, no returns allowed. Let us know which you would like, and we will accommodate your request. Claims must be made by the end of the delivery date; late claims will not be accepted without written extension by us.

  For missed deliveries, which arrive more than 24 hours late, our live delivery guarantee will be extended in writing to cover any additional loss which could occur from travel stress. Picture is still required as proof of loss if any.


 Shipping Details:

 All orders are shipped in Styrofoam boxes with cardboard overwrap, and heat packs will be used as necessary based on weather conditions throughout the trip. In some cases, Mac’s Discus may contact the buyer to set up shipping at a later date in order to avoid hazardous weather conditions along the way which would threaten safe delivery for live fish. Fish will be shipped using our unique shipping process which allows the best travel conditions including temperature controls, box insulations, pure oxygen, and more. Shipping live Discus must be done correctly, and we spare no expense to ensure that our fish arrive alive and healthy, ready for your aquarium. With 35 years shipping experience, we are the pioneer in door-to-door delivery service. We know how to get discus fish directly to you, happy and healthy!





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