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Discus Fish Disease, Cloudy Eye Treatment

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 Discus fish like all tropical aquarium fish are susceptible to eye fungus disease, also referred to as cloudy eye. Eye fungus is an environmental issue, if untreated, cloudy eye will destroy the pupil and leave the discus fish blind. This disease can occur rapidly, almost overnight, and can be very stubborn and takes a week or two to clear itself. The cause is a bacterial build up in the aquarium; therefore the best treatment is to change out carbon in the filter followed by water changes of 25% every other day for a week. Normally this would be enough for the disease to heal on its own. If however after a week it has not gotten better then you can treat with Super Sulpha every other day for 7 days. If you treat with the Super Sulpha be sure to take out the carbon during this treatment period.

It is best to take preventative measures against cloudy eye disease. Keeping the discus fish environment clean, by changing carbon in the filter every 2-3 weeks and doing 25% weekly water changes will ensure that the discus fish and other fish in the aquarium do not get this disease. 

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