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Basics for a Discus Fish Breeder

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 Discus breeding can be difficult in an aquarium, and requires a lot of patience on behalf of the discus fish breeder. Before your discus fish will breed, they must have optimal conditions in their tank and must be 12 to 24 months old. The water temperature should be at kept between 82 to 85 degrees. The water should be slightly acidic with a pH level around 6.5. The water needs to be very clean at all times, ideally you should change about 25% of the water once or twice each week. If the water conditions are met and you feed your discus a well-balanced diet, consisting of frozen bloodworms, omega one flake and freeze dried krill they will turn into good breeders, and if compatible good parents.


If the ideal conditions are met, and your fish are healthy, then Discus fish breeding is likely to follow. Together, they will clear out one or more spots in the tank for potential egg laying sites. When you see this occurring, you should move your breeding pair to a separate 20 gallon tank, or remove the other fish from the Discus tank until the babies are large enough that they won’t be eaten. Once the female lays her eggs, the male will fertilize them. If all goes well, the eggs will hatch in 3 days, in another 3 days they will become free swimming fry.

Newborn Care

After they become free swimming, the newborns will eat food that is secreted from their parents’ bodies, a sort of nutrient slime. I have found at this point turning the temperature up to 88 degrees will helps stimulate appetite and growth. The parents will continue to feed the babies the secretion from their bodies until they are about 2 weeks old. Because this is an essential part of successful Discus fish breeding, make sure that the babies are not separated from their parents during this time. After they are about 3 weeks old, they will be start to eat regular foods that are chopped and ground up to a small size.

Young Care

To help ensure that Discus breeding results in healthy young fish, be sure to keep the tank clean and monitor the water conditions carefully while they are growing. It takes about two months for the babies to grow to 2”, you must be careful to keep them away from predators that will eat them. Feeding the fry a variety of foods that contain assorted vitamins and minerals will help them grow, so stick with finely chopped frozen bloodworms and ground omega one flake to help maximize growth. Once the fry are eating this then it’s time to move them to their own 20 to 30 gallon aquarium. Patience is a must for a successful Discus breeder. 

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