How to Care for a Discus Fish Tank While Away

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 Everyone needs a vacation now and then, and when we do leave, we are faced with the problem, how to feed and take care of the Discus fish tank while away? In this post I will let you know what I do and has worked great for me when I’m away. Simply put, it is better to underfeed than to overfeed which pollutes the tank killing a fish which triggers a spiraling downward chain of negative events. Then coming home to a disaster in your Discus fish tank.

Here is what I do and I have never had a disaster happen while away. If I leave over the weekend, or for up to 7 days, I do not feed the Discus fish tank at all. As I have written in previous posts, when Discus fish are not fed, they go into a shutdown mood, burning and needing fewer calories to survive.

If I leave for longer than 7 days, then I portion out frozen bloodworms 2 to 3 cubes or as much as they would normally be fed at one feeding. I then have someone feed this portioned out meal, once mid-day 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This provide them enough food so when I return and start regular feeding again, they will bounce back quickly and not lose their appetite. I can leave for up to 6 weeks and still return to a healthy Discus fish tank. Feed only frozen bloodworms, as this food will not foul the water and pollute your tank killing your Discus fish. Beef heart, Krill, Flake, Pellets and freeze-dried foods which are all high in protein and if left uneaten will foul the water and potentially be harmful to your Discus fish while away.

Before leaving for the weekend or longer clean the filter and do a 30 percent water change, and feed the day you leave, then start the above scheduled feeding. There is no need to do any further water changes or filter cleaning while your away. The Discus fish tank will clean itself. The day of, or after returning resume your daily feeding and aquarium maintenance. All the fish in your tank will quickly bounce back to your normal feeding and maintenance schedule.

This method has worked for me for many years and will also work for your Discus fish while vacationing.

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3rd Dec 2018 Steve MacDonald

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