How to Cure Discus Fish Diseases

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 *Discus fish are beautiful, vividly colored fish that are a great addition to an aquarium. Keepers of Discus fish are well aware that their water must be kept clean and at specific parameters for temperature, and pH levels. In addition to their sensitivity to their habitat, they are also delicate in nature, making them more susceptible to disease than hardier species of fish. There are a number of both internal and external Discus fish diseases to be aware of if you are keeping them. I will touch on a couple of the external diseases which are more devastating to all tropical fish keeping.

Fungal and Bacterial Infections

One of the most common Discus fish diseases is a fungal infection. Fungal spores in your aquarium can attach to breaks in the Discus skin; breaks occur from minor injuries and parasites. You will be able to see the fungus on the skin of your Discus, as it appears as a cottony substance at the break site on the skin. If not treated, the fungal infection can kill your fish. I find that antibiotics like Triple Sulpha or Tetracycline works best for these cottony patches of fungus and bacterial infections including fin rot.

Body Ulcer Disease

Another of the deadliest and stubborn Discus fish diseases are body ulcers. This disease is caused by a protozoan, which causes open red body ulcers on the side of the fish. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, weakness, a decrease in activity, and swollen gills. Ulcer disease spreads quickly through an aquarium, and it is fatal if not immediately treated. I have found the best treatment for this is a 20-minute 1/8 Teaspoon to 4 gallons water Potassium Permanganate dip followed up with Acriflavine and Tetracycline in the tank after the dip.

Ich or White Spot Disease

Ich, also known as white spot disease, can attack weakened Discus fish. This parasite shows on the body as small white specs, as if salt was sprinkled throughout the body, and is seen best on the clear tail and side pectoral fins. Symptoms begin with scratching on object in the tank, then progresses to clamped fins. darkening in color, and loss of appetite. Treatments to eradicate this Ich parasite are Quick Cure, General Cure, Acriflavine or Ich Cure.

Important note;

When medicating, lowing the PH will increase the potency of all medication which is helpful to cure the discus fish quickly

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2nd Jun 2024 Steve MacDonald

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