How to Treat White Spots on Discus Fish

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 *White spots on Discus fish are a sign of protozoan parasite combined with fungal infection, and should be treated as such. You need to take immediate action and treat with medicine to cure this disease. Symptom’s will begin with the Discus fish rubbing against objects in the tank, and later with the visual appearance of white spot on the fish. Discus can also exhibit a loss of appetite, clamping of fins and darkening color. These are all signs of a protozoan disease with a secondary fungal infection. If left untreated Discus fish will die. The faster you begin treatment for this parasitic infection the quicker the fish will be cured, and the better chance of a full recovery without losses in your Discus fish community.

You can successfully cure by treating as follows: First be sure to take out any carbon in your filter, if you don’t, the carbon will negate any medicine added, and a cure will not be achieved. Use, “Quick-Cure”, which is a combination of formalin and malachite green, if Quick Cure is unavailable General Cure will also work. Follow the dosage instructions for the medication you get. Quick-cure or General Cure, will both kill any protozoan parasite and fungus. Often a bacterial infection will also be present, so in addition to the parasitic medication you choose also dose the tank with an antibiotic such as oxytetracycline or tetracycline, again follow the dosage instructions on the label. Both these antibiotics are easy to get at any tropical fish store or mail order. Use the antibiotic as directed. Normally the dose is one tablet per 10 gallons once every other day.

Continue this parasitic, treatment for 2 weeks, as this is how long it will take to kill any cycling parasites. The antibiotic can be discontinued once the fish’s fins are erect and their appetite returns, normally 1 weeks will cure all the fungus, and any bacterial infection. After treatment is completed and the Discus fish have recovered, you can put carbon back into your filter.

During treatment continue regular feeding and aquarium maintenance. If you do a water change then re-dose the entire aquarium. If for some reason the fish relapse, you can repeat the treatment using the Quick Cure or General Cure for parasites, only.

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30th Jun 2024 Steve MacDonald

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