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What to Feed Discus Fish

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 Discus fish have fairly simple dietary habits. They are omnivores and will eat both meat and plants. An assorted diet that offers both will ensure that they get all of the nutrients they need to be healthy. I feed all of my Discus Hakari frozen bloodworms and either Formula One or Omega One flake. You can also include spiralina flake and freeze dried krill, which is good for color. You hear a lot about feeding Discus fish beef heart, I stopped this years ago. The reason for this was simply that many customers did not want to make a beef heart mixture, and unless you bind it together well, it just falls apart and fouls your tank. So, it became easier to let customers know that the fish they would receive were readily eating prepared foods that they could pickup at a local pet store. You can also feed, as a treat live, adult brineshrimp. They love chasing the live food and it is good roughage in their diet. I do not feed live black worms, as this will expose them to parasites. Try to feed two or three times daily for maximum growth. You can over feed the frozen bloodworms, but feed sparingly the dried foods which can foul your aquarium water if over used.

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