German Brilliant Discus Fish (green hue) 2.75 inch

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German Brilliant Discus Fish (green hue) this beautiful solid turquoise discus fish shows off an iridescent green over the entire body. This blast from the past, breathtaking discus fish was introduced in the late 1980’s from German brood stock. The German Brilliant Discus fish is very round, and will grow to 8 inches. The nine vertical bars fade away as the fish reaches adulthood and are rarely displayed. This is a magnificent discus fish in a planted aquarium, the turquoise green accents well with the green plants. The German Brilliant Discus is a beautiful addition to any tropical fish tank.

Discus fish are native to the slow and warm tropical waters of the Amazon River. They eat a variety of fresh water shrimp, worms, insects, and aquatic vegetation. In the wild, discus fish colors are limited to a few varieties which are earth tone in color. This helps to protect them from predators by allowing them to blend into their natural habitat. Through selective cross breeding, tank raised discus fish are now available to the hobbyist in a wide range of vivid colors, like the German Brilliant Discus Fish.

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18 Reviews

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    Truly Spectacular

    Posted by Dave on 20th Sep 2021

    I have to say that in all my years of keeping discus these are the best looking specimens I have ever had. Truly spectacular fish. Thanks so much!

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    Posted by mark on 7th Sep 2020

    Nice fish so far the growth is amazing I have had them one month already they are very hearty I cant wait until the full color comes in on them.

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    German Brilliant Discus (green hue) 2 inch

    Posted by Jody Dunstan on 8th Aug 2020

    Beautiful color on this little one. A slightly deeper blue and different hue than the blue diamond. I can not wait to watch this one mature to full color.

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    Stunning color

    Posted by Jose on 28th May 2020

    Discus are alert, healthy and eating good. Acclimate quickly to surrounding. Great communication from time of purchase to delivery. Highly recommend. Thank you!

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    Posted by Jeffery Gant on 26th Mar 2018


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    We Love our Discus

    Posted by Jon M. on 26th Mar 2018

    This is my 3rd purchase and all the fish are doing great. They are eating like pigs We love them!!!!!

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    One Beautiful Fish

    Posted by Margot on 23rd Oct 2017

    I have had only good experiences working with Mac's Discus. So far I have ordered 11 fish and all have arrived healthy. I have yet to lose one Discus in two months. In my experience ordering on line, I usually lose a few fish in the acclimation period but not with these discus, all are doing great. I even asked to have my first order postponed due to a hurricane and Steve was great about it! This Fish is Beautiful with a Brilliant color!

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    Love this little guy!

    Posted by Nancy on 17th Sep 2017

    We ordered 4 Discus from Steve. And having a German heritage I had to order this one. He arrived in perfect shape and his colors are coming through. He is so beautiful and as soon as I walk in the room all of them are up front wanting food. I love this fish!

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    Thank You

    Posted by John on 11th Aug 2017

    Steve, These guys are absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward to placing another order this weekend. I would also like to thank you for taking the time and showing me your fish room and giving me pointers. So many people in the fish hobby/trade do not do that and I am grateful. You know what you are doing and I am glad I was able to meet you in person. Thanks again!

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    Brilliant green

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2017

    This discus is very green in color, it is a nice color mix with my other fish. All of the fish are happy, healthy, eating well, and growing fast. They all had no problem acclimating to our other discus in the tank.

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