German Brilliant Discus Fish (green hue) 3 inch

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German Brilliant Discus Fish (green hue) this beautiful solid turquoise discus fish shows off an iridescent green over the entire body. This blast from the past, breathtaking discus fish was introduced in the late 1980’s from German brood stock. The German Brilliant Discus fish is very round, and will grow to 8 inches. The nine vertical bars fade away as the fish reaches adulthood and are rarely displayed. This is a magnificent discus fish in a planted aquarium, the turquoise green accents well with the green plants. The German Brilliant Discus is a beautiful addition to any tropical fish tank.

Discus fish are native to the slow and warm tropical waters of the Amazon River. They eat a variety of fresh water shrimp, worms, insects, and aquatic vegetation. In the wild, discus fish colors are limited to a few varieties which are earth tone in color. This helps to protect them from predators by allowing them to blend into their natural habitat. Through selective cross breeding, tank raised discus fish are now available to the hobbyist in a wide range of vivid colors, like the German Brilliant Discus Fish.

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18 Reviews

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    sky blue turquois with stipes

    Posted by Carlos Zapata on 15th May 2016

    The fish is 2.25".quite bluish. It has not developed The green hue. still too young. However, the color is light blue and has the black stripes pronunciated. Is healthy and eating well.

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    Thanks for aother great shipment to Texas

    Posted by A Been, Earth, Tx on 13th Sep 2015

    Arrived in great shape, but is the shy one in the bunch. At first wanted to stay hid except at feeding time but after a week it is starting to be a part of the group. He has a great color which was more than I am expected.,. Another good addition.

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    Very Happy!

    Posted by Cody Hobza on 7th Jan 2015

    I had one of these shipped with a couple others and they are all amazing! No problems with shipping/acclimating the new fish. The color is already showing through on this one and the shape is perfect for a show discus. I can't wait to see how it looks as it matures! I already placed a second order with Mac's!

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    Thank you for the great Discus!

    Posted by Frank B. on 13th Dec 2014

    I have purchased many fish form Steve at Mac's Discus. The service is great and the selection is fantastic. The fish are still a bit small but the colors are coming out and I'm sure as always I will be very pleased.Steve sells healthy beautiful fish. I highly recommend Mac's Discus

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    Posted by Unknown on 7th Dec 2014

    Thank you for your beautiful fish. I am very happy with the purchase. The seller is extremely resourceful and very helpful. Thank you.

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    Thank you Steve

    Posted by Ivan on 2nd Dec 2014

    Thank you Steve, I received my discus they are alive pretty healthy!!!

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    Very Eye-Catching

    Posted by Rachael Allert on 28th Aug 2014

    I ordered the German Brillinant in addition to the red spotted green and a 6 pack (which was an impressive selection)... Rather than the green Mac describes, mine is more of an irridescent sky blue with a gun-metal grey towards the center of his body, and his eyes are red. His color pattern reminds me of a thunder cloud with blue lightening for a face and fins. He is a really beautiful fish and draws the eye against the black background and greens of my planted 55 gallon.. I wish I could post a pic for you to see. I imagine a school of these would be spectacular. This discus was laying down and seemed to be the most stunned of all the fish when I first unboxed them, but before I could net them into the tank he popped up like nothing had happened. He occasionally showed fatigue once in the tank, but has rebounded great and within 24 hours is eating and swimming around healthy and just fine.

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    Vibrant colors

    Posted by Lloyd on 25th Mar 2014

    I got 5 fish at the same time from Mac's and this one was the largest and it was the first to rebound from the shipping. Colors are rich and the fish is very strong and healthy. This fish also very quickly established itself as the dominant fish in the tank, yet it does not chase others at all. They all seem to know that he was the boss and all other discus pay their respects accordingly, even those that were established in the tank upon his arrival. This fish gets most of the compliments from visitors to our home. Has a hearty appetite and plenty of energy.

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