Red Ruby Discus Fish 2.75 inch

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The red ruby discus is a stunningly beautiful fish for your tropical aquarium. As is typical for cultivated discus, the red ruby discus is the result of careful crossbreeding among several varieties of cultivated discus to produce a fish with splendidly vibrant colors. As fry, the red ruby discus are shimmery gold with a hint of red. As they mature, their color deepens. The head and body of the red ruby discus are white to golden colored. Overlaying the base color is a beautiful reddish orange color that covers the majority of the body of the red ruby discus. The tail fin of the red ruby discus is the same color as its base color. The body of the red ruby discus has no stress bars, striations, or spots. The dorsal and pectoral fins of the red ruby discus have light colored striations that form lines, but the entire fin is typically not marked.

Discus fish are coveted by tropical fish collectors because they are large and beautiful. They also have a pleasantly round shape. When it reaches its full size, the red ruby discus will be 8” in length. Its round shape comes from it being almost as tall as it is long. In addition, it has very full, rounded dorsal and pectoral fins, which increases its appearance of roundness. This lovely, flame colored stunner will make a great focal point for your tropical aquarium. The amazing red-orange color will burst among the vegetation and other fish in your freshwater aquarium.

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18 Reviews

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    discus order

    Posted by richard fitzwater on 13th Nov 2020

    They are both beautiful, eating, swimming and doing very well. I am so happy with my order and with all the discus that I had order over the years from Macs

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    Red Ruby

    Posted by Doug Hill on 8th May 2020

    I received my order!!! I want to say thank you very very much! The fish came in alive and healthy. They are beautiful and I am 100% happy with the fish you guys picked out!

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    Raving Beauty

    Posted by Diana Wolfe on 7th Dec 2017

    Bright and Beautiful! Healthy and eating well. Adapted quickly and happy in my aquarium. Steve was a great help. I love Mac's Discus and will never shop anywhere else again for discus. I am a repeat client and learned the hard way and I will only buy from Mac's from now on! Love his fish , bright and healthy, great selection. Steve is very helpful and knowledgeable.

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    bright happy fish

    Posted by Heather on 12th Oct 2017

    Beautiful colored, happy fish

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    very healthy

    Posted by Nancy on 17th Sep 2017

    Steve was great on communicating with me and answered all my questions before they came. They arrived right on time and very healthy. My fish is beautiful! And a little beggar for food

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    mac's discus

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Mar 2017

    hello - about 2 weeks ago I ordered 6 discus from mac's discus - they arrived early next day (from Washington state to north carolina) - all 6 discus looked great, very colorful, fat and happy - I followed mac's discus acclamation instructions and all 6 are doing great today - I ordered 5 more discus, they just arrived at 10:19 A.M.(very quick) they too look great very colorful and seems to be fat and healthy - im putting them through the acclimation, ill write back in a couple days to report more on these - I highly recommend mac's discus to everyone that's interested in high quality, healthy and colorful discus - Steve from mac's discus is very helpful and willing to share his knowhow on discus - he's a very good man - if your looking to order discus please try mac's discus first - I promise you they wont disappoint you

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    ruby red discus

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2016

    This is a very beaitiful fish. Looks healthy & vibrant.

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    Absolute Perfection!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2016

    Absolutely gorgeous fish! Packaged well, shipped quickly, well and healthy upon arrival and feeding within hours. I will definitely be looking to Mac for my discus needs in the future.

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    Posted by Joel on 17th Dec 2015

    The Red Ruby arrives and looks like its picture by the next day if not within hours. Steve's Discus are top notch, in great health and are packed very well and shipped with great care. Steve cares very much about the welfare of the fish he sends out. When you receive these little guys you will know why, they are beautiful. I will be buying more discus from Macs very very soon.

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    I Had to Order More

    Posted by Ken on 8th Nov 2015

    The fish that arrived today were healthy and beautiful. I had to order more:) Thanks!

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