Checkerboard Pigeonblood Discus Fish 2.5 inch

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This is one of the most stunningly beautiful cultivated discus, and it will make an excellent addition to your tropical fish collection. Discus are cultivated to enhance certain qualities and to breed out unwanted traits to achieve a particular look. The breeders of this beauty have eliminated all trace of the vertical stress bars found in wild discus. The colors have been enhanced, and a striking pattern has been produced in the red checkerboard pigeonblood discus. The head of this discus is a tan to gold color, and it has white striations on it. The rest of its body is a vibrant reddish orange color, and it is marked with white striations. The striations are irregularly shaped spots, and they are clustered in a close pattern in the center of its body. Closer to the fins, the striations are longer and more loosely patterned. Both the dorsal and pectoral fins of the red checkerboard pigeonblood discus also have white striations that vary in length and width. The tail fin of the red checkerboard pigeonblood discus is opaque and free of markings.

The red checkerboard pigeonblood discus is a large, vibrantly colored fish, and its shape makes it special among tropical fish. The red checkerboard pigeonblood discus grows to about 8” in length, and it is nearly as tall as it is wide. Its flat and round shape is enhanced by its full, rounded pectoral and dorsal fins. In your tropical aquarium, the size, and vivid coloring of the red checkerboard pigeonblood discus will make it a standout among your other fish. 

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12 Reviews

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    Posted by Donald Baskin on 12th Mar 2022

    First time. Very pleased

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    Recent purchase

    Posted by Luke on 27th Aug 2020

    All of the fish I have bought have thrived! No complications whatsoever. They are ver beautiful as well. Great strains!

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    Checkerboard Pigeon Blood 2 in

    Posted by Jody Dunstan on 31st Jul 2020

    Definitely a showstopper! Even at 2 inches, already has stunning color. Arrived healthy and active. Already swimming around the tank like he owns the joint.

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    Checkerboard Pigeonblood Discus Fish 2 inch

    Posted by Jason Shewbert on 26th Jun 2020

    I never thought about owning any Pigeon bloods before but I decided to give them a shot and Boy I am glad I did! Great quality, I love these guys!

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    Posted by Unknown on 1st Apr 2019

    very pleased beautiful fish doing well

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    Checkerboard pigeon blood

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2017

    As always gorgeous Discus and excellent customer service. The 2" discus are very healthy and eat everything I give them. Thanks to Mac's discus and staff. :)

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    The checkerboard pigeonblood is a beautiful discus.

    Posted by Robert on 7th Apr 2017

    Seeing a group of checkerboards,white diamonds,snow leopards,ocean greens, marbolo reds and ruby reds is one of most spectacular sites for me. I set up my first aquarium in 1965 and have kept every species of freshwater and saltwater fish in the market. I say without hesitation buying discus at Mac's is the best buy I've made in all the years I've been keeping fish. Thanks Steve.

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    Awesome fishes

    Posted by warren coleman on 31st Mar 2017

    I purchased two of these and at first I thought that I have gotten the wrong fish but after getting some information about them and I started seeing their colors, I said yes that's what I seen on Macs website. Awesome colors......Thanks

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    Very Best

    Posted by Joe Puglisi on 27th Feb 2017

    I cannot say enough, dealing with Steve before I placed my order to his concerns about weather conditions across the country, to finest quality on-line fish I have ever experienced. I placed this order in dead of winter, late February. I have had tropical fish my entire life and have had discus for the past 25 years. All of the 7 fish I received are alert and extremely healthy and doing well. I have never acclimated fish the way Steve suggest and it worked like a charm. I would definitely purchase a more fish in the future.

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    Checkerboard Pigeonblood Discus

    Posted by A Been on 15th May 2016

    All 5 arrived in great shape, acclimated well and came out to eat in 3 hours. One of five in the order and it is the standout. Colored just as the picture and after a week, it is now the standout in the tank of 15.

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