Hi Fin Red Royal Discus Fish 3 inch

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 The H.F. Red Royal discus is a standout even among the wide variety of vividly colored and patterned cultivated discus. It is a beautiful blend of spots, striations, and stress bars that creates a discus that will be the star of your tropical aquarium. The Red Royal discus has a red and blue colored body that is covered with an engaging pattern of red lines and blue striations. It has the stress bars of a classic, wild discus, but the color of the bars on the body is faint. The exception is the head of the Red Royal discus, which has a very dark stress bar running through its eyes. The pectoral and dorsal fins of the red tiger discus have red striations and thin stripes on them. The tail fin of this discus has stunning red and blue color.

The Red Royal discus has a round, flat body. At maturity, it can reach a length of 8.” This discus is round due to the fact that it is almost as tall as it is wide. In addition, the full dorsal and pectoral fins also contribute to its delightfully round shape. As one of the most striking discus ever bred, the Red Royal discus is a beautiful show fish that adds a burst of color to your tropical aquarium. Whether you interested in a collection of multi-colored discus or focusing on just a school of red discus, this uniquely beautiful tropical fish is an excellent showpiece for your freshwater aquarium. 



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4 Reviews

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    Best on the internet

    Posted by Chris Patton on 23rd May 2023

    Fish made the trip and are swimming around and doing great. I cannot believe the quality and service Mac provides. I will continue to buy my fish here

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    Discus fish

    Posted by Pete Holms on 27th Mar 2021

    Over the last 2 years I have bought multiple Discus, around 20 in 4 different purchases. Not 1 DOA and every fish came in at a very high quality. Steve is my go to for great Discus. Thank you, Mac.

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    Product Review

    Posted by Josh Chaney on 18th May 2020

    I ordered this thinking the picture was photoshopped, however it was not!!! My fish is as bright and colorful as the photo on the website. He is full of energy and started eating the very night I received he and the seven others I ordered. I highly recommend ordering your Discus from Macs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Arrived happy and healthy

    Posted by Gary on 9th May 2020

    Steve, 24 hrs later, 5 new discus in my tank, healthy and eating. Thanks!

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