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Red Panda Discus Fish 2.75 inch


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Fish transitioned and look fantastic. I am anxious to see how they look later on this evening with the lights on. I am so glad I came across your site. Thanks so much for the selection and the care given!
Posted by Richard Wallace on 2nd Sep 2022

Super fast shipping, great product, I definitely will buy again soon. Beautiful fish. Thanks
Posted by Edgard on 7th Oct 2021

As always your fish arrived safe and sound. I have about ten fish, all discus in a 55 gal Tank. The day your fish arrived, my power was off for 7 seven days. Tank temp was getting down to about 78F. No aeration. Fed the fish sparingly for for seven days. Believe it or not all survived. I was lucky.
Posted by Robert W Weise on 16th Aug 2020

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