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Royal Blue Discus Fish 3 inch


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Best discus source

I believe this is the third or fourth time I have ordered discus from Mac's and I wouldn't go anywhere else for them. My eight Royal Blue's arrived in great shape and after the acclimatization period were investigating their new home and showing interest in blood worms the first evening. Actively feeding the next day and have been obviously growing. Schooled together and with other fish in the tank by the second day. Great service and great fish! Highest recommendation as discus supplier!
Posted by Dick Williams on 1st Apr 2017

New Fish

I ordered a variety pack with 10 discus. All are doing great and eating flake, granules and frozen/freeze-dried foods. The tank is heavily planted and has driftwood for hiding. I have only had them for 2 weeks but I have seen growth. They also adapted excellently from soft, acid water to Midwest hard.
Posted by Jon S on 14th Sep 2015

Very pleased with Mac & his fish!

My wife and I recently purchased 5 baby Discus: Mac's customer service was EXCELLENT, the fish arrived within a one hour window, perfectly healthy, and are growing and prospering now in our tank!

A few weeks ago we had never heard of a "Discus", and now they are our favorite fish!

We couldn't have asked for a better purchasing experience than what Mac provided here.

We highly recommend macsdiscus.com!
Posted by Jeff & Fawn on 12th Sep 2015

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