"DISCUS FISH SALE" Multi color 5 Pack "Delivered"

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This pack features an array of 5 colors, "MY PICK" of our most popular discus fish ranging in size from 2.5 inch plus. This $350 value you can purchase and delivered via FedEx express overnight for the discounted price of under $300. A great value for this listed price, quantities limited!

 Discus fish are native to the slow and warm tropical waters of the Amazon River. They eat a variety of freshwater shrimp, worms, insects, and aquatic vegetation. In the wild, discus fish colors are limited to a few varieties which are earth tone in color. This helps to protect them from predators by allowing them to blend into their natural habitat. Through selective cross breeding, tank raised discus fish are now available to the hobbyist in a wide range of vivid colors.

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110 Reviews

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    Posted by Chris on 9th Sep 2022

    I purchased from Macs about five years ago and when my Discus stock dwindled down to one there was little question where I would go. But the lone survivor had been a bit of a bully and I was concerned about introducing six little guys into my tank with that bully present. Steve told me it should not be a problem, but I was ready to scoop out the big one and take him to my local pet shop if necessary. Steve was right. Never an issue. One new little guy promptly attached itself to the big guy like a mother, child relationship and, before long, all six were sticking with him, or her. The new ones are feeding eagerly on frozen bloodworms and the big one lets the little guys go for the cube while it feeds on the worms scattered by the little ones. If the tank is disturbed by water changes, maintenance they all huddle up next to the big one for protection. All are healthy, eating well and showing a variety of colors. Very pleased.

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    Could not be Happier

    Posted by Dan on 27th Aug 2022

    I have been ordering macs discus for about 8 years. They have always been beautiful and healthy discus. I ordered 6 discus a week ago. Its been 7 days and they are doing great, swimming and eating like they were hatched here. anyone that wants beautiful, healthy discus I highly recommend macs discus. You will not be disappointed.

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    6 pack

    Posted by Richard Ladrigan on 5th Apr 2022

    I ordered and received 6 beautiful, healthy fish. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you Steve!

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    Six Contrasting Color 6 Pack

    Posted by David W Shenton on 31st Oct 2021

    The 6 discuss arrived healthy and vigorous. They seem to be doing well few days in. Nice variety of color patterns. Very pretty. More intense colors that I had expected from young discus. Mac was easy to work with and helpful. Thanks

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    Healthy fish

    Posted by Alexx on 18th Sep 2021

    I have ordered from Macs before and my discus are healthy and happy. When it came time to expand my aquarium room I knew I would order my new discus from Macs again. Although the FedEx journey was troublesome and delayed, all my new discus faired very well. I attribute that to the excellent care taken at Macs place in providing very healthy fish that could survive such a journey. I love my new batch of discus.

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    Posted by Brian cray on 14th Nov 2020

    Steve was great to work with great communication fish arrived nicely great follow up and assistance with questions looking forward to purchasing more

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    6 pack value

    Posted by jarrett on 17th Oct 2020

    Purchased a pack of Discus. I had a delay & needed to have them ship at a later date. Great customer service, and when the fish were delivered they were very healthy & colorful. I would recommend this service to any fish keeper!

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    Posted by Michael on 15th Oct 2020

    All 6 fish arrived colorful and healthy! Began eating almost immediately. It took a few of them a few days to come out of their shells. Steve did a great job hand picking them!

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    6 pack Discus order

    Posted by Danny on 27th Sep 2020

    The discus arrived today and they are beautiful, great selection of colors. I am going to let them settle in and then order some more in a month. Thank you so so much.

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    Assorted Discus Order

    Posted by Joshua D Walderbach on 20th Aug 2020

    Great customer service with swift delivery. Beautiful healthy fish. I will buy again from Macs Discus.

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