"DISCUS FISH SALE" Multi color 5 Pack "Delivered"

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This pack features an array of 5 colors, "MY PICK" of our most popular discus fish ranging in size from 2.5 inch plus. This $350 value you can purchase and delivered via FedEx express overnight for the discounted price of under $300. A great value for this listed price, quantities limited!

 Discus fish are native to the slow and warm tropical waters of the Amazon River. They eat a variety of freshwater shrimp, worms, insects, and aquatic vegetation. In the wild, discus fish colors are limited to a few varieties which are earth tone in color. This helps to protect them from predators by allowing them to blend into their natural habitat. Through selective cross breeding, tank raised discus fish are now available to the hobbyist in a wide range of vivid colors.

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110 Reviews

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    Posted by Kim on 9th Aug 2020

    I received 6 of the multicolor discus. All arrived in good health, and acclimated exactly according to instructions. All are growing and thriving, and would definitely use again. First online order with fish, a friend has ordered elsewhere and has had issues with every order. Mac's Discus is the only way to go!!

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    6 pack

    Posted by william on 1st Aug 2020

    Very nice and healthy Discus will be ordering again.

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    If I could give 10 stars I would!

    Posted by Jennifer Worthley on 18th Jun 2020

    Steve was great! He responded quickly after placing my order and got my discus out within a week. When they arrived they were bright and colorful and healthy. They adapted almost immediately to the tank after I followed the directions sent by Steve via email, and they were eating the same evening. I beyond happy with the decision to go with Macs Discus and would highly recommend this shop to anyone thinking about adding any additions to their discus family or just starting out. You won't be disappointed!

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    Highly recommended

    Posted by Markus Remark on 7th Jun 2020

    From ordering to shipping the experience was extremely satisfying. Couple of minutes after i placed my order the communication started and I got regular updates. The fish came with a day delay, fedex missed a connection and I was amazed how they managed the extra day in a box. During acclimation they started already being active. Lively, healthy and beautiful fish. I followed the recommendation to get them setup and with a temperature between 86-88F you can see them grow really fast. Their appetite is enormous.

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    Posted by Luke Vaughn on 28th May 2020

    The fish are gorgeous and extremely healthy. Shipping is the fastest I have ever seen! All went very smoothly and Steves help and direction is great

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    Six Pack Review

    Posted by Unknown on 28th May 2020

    Discus arrived in great condition and they are doing quite well. There is still plenty of room in this tank. In a couple of weeks, after the filter has adjusted, I plan to make another order :)

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    six pack of contrasting colors Discus

    Posted by LuAnn McKinley on 25th May 2020

    Very happy with our purchase. They all are very healthy and are great eaters. Thank you.

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    Assorted Discus

    Posted by Joel on 24th May 2020

    All fish arrived safely and are doing well so far. Communication from seller is outstanding!

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    Posted by Kevin B Kolb on 24th May 2020

    Overall am pleased. The only knock I have is that the smallest of the six fish received, the Gold Diamond, has not eaten much since he arrived and has also been quite lethargic. I am concerned he is not going to make it. Otherwise, the other five fish are doing well and I was pleased with the customer service and Steves willingness to respond to my questions.

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    Discus variety pack

    Posted by Paula on 24th May 2020

    I received all six Discus fish healthy and active. I have had them for almost two weeks and they are thriving. I will definitely order again.

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