Super Red Melon Discus Fish 2.5 inch

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The red melon discus is a vibrantly colored discus that will make a great addition to your tropical aquarium. This is one of the most boldly colored cultivated discus. It has been cultivated to eliminate the vertical stress bars found in wild discus and to enhance its beautiful coloring. The red melon discus has a gold face and body that is overlaid with a beautiful red-orange color. The head and the body of the red melon discus are free from any vertical stress bars, striations, and spots. The dorsal and pectoral fins of the red melon discus are typically a shade somewhere between the gold of its head and the reddish orange of its body. The dorsal and pectoral fins have very light striations on them, and the tail fin of the red melon discus is opaque and free from markings.

The red melon discus is a large and pleasantly shaped fish, which is part of the appeal of discus to tropical fish collectors. At its full size, the red melon discus reaches a length of 8.. It is almost as tall as it is wide, which gives it a rounded appearance. The pectoral and dorsal fins of the red melon discus are full and extend the full length of its body, contributing to its roundness. The beautiful red-orange color of this discus will add a vibrant splash of color to your freshwater aquarium. Even among any other discus you may have, which are known for their bold colors, the red melon discus will be a standout.

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3 Reviews

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    Posted by Donald Baskin on 12th Mar 2022

    Really good. First time for me.

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    Impressive fish

    Posted by Anthony on 21st Jun 2020

    The color and health of this fish at a young age is unmatched. The one I got in is very good quality.

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    This fish even as a juvenile is prettier than this photo!

    Posted by Momma Terri on 22nd Feb 2015

    I had looked at Macs Discus several times in years PAST ( I am not sure but think he used to advertise in years past in the aquarium magazines i have purchased in last 30 yrs of fish keeping)...BUT I WAS SKEPTICAL ABOUT ORDERING MY FISH ON LINE AND FEARFUL ABOUT THE QUALITY i'D RECEIVE. i am so EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH THE GORGEOUS FISH that arrived feb 12th...All ALIVE. i HEEDED THE PRECAUTIONS AND STEVES SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS ON HIS FISH BLOG. i POURED OVER ALL THE INFORMATION. I own numerous books on discus health and some i must say they gave me conflicting info (follow Steves advice)....such as discus being schooling fish....I now know they are...WOW they do wonderfully in schools. another issue where i have made mistakes is I have been more concerned with water quality in times past than feeding my fish enough. They are babies...babies eat often! These eager, trusting, gregarious, little fish LOVE to eat and school and chase each other. I ordered Steves 6 pack 2 1/2 inches in contrasting colors... all shipping paid. they traveled through a horrible cold spell in the USA and arrived safely, very tired, but safe and warm. Within 2 days they were no longer weak but fighting for food. I received at Steves choice...a Gold diamond, a red melon, a white diamond, a red dragon, a red tiger and his signature High Fin Blue cobalt. They are as colorful and beautiful as a bouquet of flowers and they are juveniles! These are not thin arrowheads but already displaying beautiful body shape, some very round already. I hope you take the leap and purchase them for yourself...just have your tank completely prepared and ready for these little beauties.... they deserve it!!!

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